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Travel Risk

Liebenberg Auto is an authorised financial services provider operating on mandate of FSP 28260 – The IDA (Independent Dealer Association).

Included in the rental tariff per day is comprehensive insurance; underwritten by Auto Trade Underwriters; to cover you against theft, accidents, 3rd party claims, hail, fire or strike & riot damage. This does not include damage to tyres, rims and windscreens. These will be charged separately.

There are two insurance options you can select from:

  1. High Risk – If you choose the High Risk option, your daily rate will be lower, but the deposit will be bigger.
  2. Low Risk – If you choose the Low Risk option, the daily rate will be higher, but the deposit will be less.

In the event of the vehicle being returned with accident damage, hail or fire damage, 3rd party claims, strike or riot damage the deposit will forfeit completely. In the event of a cracked windscreens the excess will be payable and subtracted from the deposit; or if the fuel tank or gas bottle is returned empty, keys are lost, items or accessories are missing or broken, traffic fines are issued during your dates of travel, the cost will be deducted from the deposit. The balance of the deposit along with receipts will be refunded via EFT.

Should the vehicle be returned on time and with out damage and filled up as should be, the deposit will be refunded in full within 14 days after drop-off and can be refunded the same way the payment was initially made.

Berg 4×4 Rentals Bank Account Details:

Please use the following account details when transferring funds electronically to Berg 4×4 Rentals.

Account Name: Berg 4×4 Rentals Pty Ltd

Bank: First National Bank

Account No.: 62414971334

Branch Code: 250655

CDW Insurance Exclusions:

Under no circumstances will the following events be covered by the CDW cover and the renter will be liable for the full amount of damage.

  • Water damage / Water submersion
  • Fire damage (not covered by insurance)
  • Willfull damage / acts of negligence
  • The vehicle is not covered for dune driving

The exclusions in terms of willfull damage / negligence will include the following:

  • Driving under the influence of alcohol/drugs or medicine
  • Driving on restricted roads or in areas with restricted access
  • Any non compliance with the National Road Traffic Legislation (
  • Standing or sitting on the vehicle except designated areas like running boards / step ladders
  • Driving on a course or terrain not suitable for the vehicle
  • Damage to the gearbox due to the incorrect operation of the clutch/handbrake or transfer box
  • Incorrect use of diff locks (engaging lockers while driving on tar roads or hard surfaces)
  • Seizing of the engine or internal components due to the incorrect use of the vehicle or supplements, over revving, or ignoring the warning signs on the dash board / noises from from any component.
  • Rolling the vehicle or damage to the vehicle due to driver negligence / incompetence
  • Driving on the wrong side of the road
  • Running the vehicle on insufficient fluid levels (oils, lubricant, water)
  • Falling asleep / Drivers fatigue