Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a credit card to rent with you?

Even though the credit card makes it very easy to pay your deposit, it is not necessary to have a credit card when you book with us.

We are perfectly happy to accept all funds via Electronic / Wire Transfer


Which credit cards do you accept?

At this stage we only accept VISA or MASTERCARD


How long is my quote valid?

The quotation is valid for 14 days after the date of issue. Andre will follow up with you regularly before the expiration date.


Can I extend the validity period of my quote?

Absolutely, but you need to confirm to us that you need more time. Each quote will be handled separately based on other potential clients waiting in line.


How old must I be to rent a vehicle from Berg 4×4 Rentals?

The minimum driver age is 21 according to the contract we have with our insurer. You musts be at least 18 to rent the vehicle, but the youngest driver must be 21 or older.


Do you accommodate hotel or airport transfers?

If the pick up or drop off location is at one of our branches (Walvisbaai or Cape Town) we will collect you from the airport or hotel free of charge (75km radius)


Do I need an international drivers license to hire a car?

It is law in South Africa that all licenses must be in English. If your license is not in English an English International license will be required.


How do I secure my booking?

You need to confirm that you accept the quote by replying to the e-mail and pay your deposit as soon as possible (within the validity of the quote)

Easy online 3D secure payments can be made directly on our website. Please remember to use your booking number as reference


What if I need to cancel my booking?

At Berg 4×4 Rentals we understand that things does not always go according to plan. We do however need to charge cancellation fees if you are unable to make the rental. Depending on the notice period you will be refunded as follows:

  • 60 Days                                 10% of accepted quote
  • 45 Days                                 50% of accepted quote
  • 30 Days                                 75% of accepted quote
  • 15 Days                                 95% of accepted quote
  • 6 Days                                  100% of accepted quote


Can I change my booking instead of cancelling?

If there is availability for the new dates en enough notice for the terminated date we can change the dates without penalty and move the deposit to a different date. The vehicle in this case may differ and if needed different options of vehicles will be provided. Each scenario is different and will be treated individually.


How does the deposit work?

The deposit is paid to secure the vehicle and the amount will be according to the insurance option chosen. The deposit will be kept safely until the vehicle is returned.

The deposit will be utilized to pay for expenses pertaining to the rental. Please click here to view.


Why is there no excess waiver for Zambia & Malawi?

Zambia and Malawi are not allowed by most rental companies as repatriating the vehicle back to South Africa is very costly. We have special permission from our insurer to allow these countries however we will be liable for getting the vehicle back to South Africa as it becomes the property of the insurer if it is written off and paid out by them. We therefor need this higher excess to accommodate the recovery costs back it’s homeland. Should the vehicle be returned unharmed, you will receive most of the excess back. We may still deduct these items


How long before I get my deposit back?

The deposit is refundable between 21 and 30 business days after the rental has ended. A further 4-7 days should be allowed for the funds to clear on your side.

This period is to allow for a mechanical inspection and fines from the local authorities to reach us.


Will the deposit be refunded automatically or is there something I have to do?

The refund officer – Joyce Liebenberg – will send you an e-mail to the address we have on file when the deposit  becomes due. It will contain information about your rental, any deduction and any refunds (if applicable)

You need to reply to this e-mail if you are in agreement with the amount (or if not and why) and confirm that the credit card used for the initial deposit payment is still the same.


My friend paid the deposit and I paid the rental – who will get the refund?

The deposit will always be refunded in the same way the deposit was paid. If you paid online, the refund will also be done online to the same card/person it came from.


Do you offer accommodation?

Berg 4×4 Rentals CAPE TOWN Offices is located 12km from the N7 (Cape Namibia Route) on a 27 Ha Private Game Reserve. The reserve has a 4 sleeper cottage available for overnight stay.

Please click here for more information

We are currently experiencing technical issues with Mastercard. Should you payment fail, please retry with a VISA card or contact us on for alternative payment methods. Kindly quote your reference number or a copy of the quotation