Covid Protocol

In an event where a deposit is held on a reserved vehicle, the following will apply in terms of a cancellation due to the COVID 19 pandemic:
  1. Cancellations will only be granted for clients who are:
    • Residing in a country which has cancelled flights to South Africa and Namibia which has made it public on a valid media platform within 72 hours from the rental commencement date.
    • COVID-19 positive in which case a PCR test result, not older than 24 hours, reflecting their names and passport numbers must be provided to our offices.
  2. In the event where the travel to a delivery destination has already taken place, the client will forfeit the amount of the travel charges.
  3. In any event of cancellation an extension will first be granted by our offices to any time in the future taking into consideration that the future date will be depending on the COVID status of the client and the current situation in the clients country of residence and South Africa.
  4. Any extensions granted in term of point 3 will be calculated at the same rental rate for the same period the client has initially paid.
  5. Should the client be unable to postpone in the same period the per day rate will be adjusted to the rate for the applicable season based on the annual rates of the initial booking.
  6. Upon cancellation granted by our offices the deposit in hand will be refunded within 7 days.
  7. All PCR tests required at any border will be for the account of the renter.
  8. No refunds are applicable in the following events:
    • If the rental has commenced and the client cannot finish the rental due to COVID-19 restrictions.
    • If the client or any passenger contracts COVID-19 during the rental period.
  9. Should the customer need to hire the vehicle for a longer time due to contracting COVID 19 it will be subject to availability and payment must be made up front once the extension is approved by our offices.
  10. A deep cleanse valet is done on each vehicle after the rental has ended at the expense of the renter.
  11. A deep cleanse valet is done by Berg 4×4 Rentals prior to delivery of the goods to the client.

We are currently experiencing technical issues with Mastercard. Should you payment fail, please retry with a VISA card or contact us on for alternative payment methods. Kindly quote your reference number or a copy of the quotation