Should the vehicle be damaged, stolen or lost in a situation where there was a breach of contract or insurance conditions or any of the terms of this rental agreement and conditions contained herein, the renter will be liable for the entire total loss amount including the recovery of the vehicle. These are standard insurance exclusions and cannot be waived.

  • Damage caused by water (water submersion);
  • The vehicle (at the time of loss or damage or total loss) was being driven by any person (authorized or not authorized by Berg 4×4 Rentals) whose blood alcohol concentration exceeded the legal limit permitted by any applicable law, by law or regulation in which ever country or whilst under the influence of intoxicating liquor, narcotics, drugs or similar substance;
  • Damage and/or loss or total loss sustained as a result of Dune driving
  • Damage and/or loss or total loss sustained where the renter/driver is in breach of any applicable, laws, by-laws, traffic laws or ordinances;
  • Damage and/or loss or total loss sustained where the incident takes place outside the borders of territorial limits where the vehicle is authorized
  • Damage and/or loss or total loss was sustained while an unauthorized driver was driving the vehicle, irrespective if they fall in the age limit
  • Damage and/or loss or total loss sustained where the driver was not holding a valid, unendorsed, English driving license;
  • Damage and/or loss or total loss where the rental agreement has expired, and no extension were arranged or if the rental was not authorized by the company;
  • Damage and or loss or total loss caused as a result of the vehicle being driven on an unsuitable road or in restricted areas or on non-permitted road surfaces
  • Damage to any property, equipment or accessories provided with the vehicle.
  • Vehicle being used for competition means or racing
  • If the vehicle carries unauthorized dangerous or hazardous items
  • If the vehicle is used to taxi
  • Falling asleep behind the wheel whilst driving (drivers’ fatigue)
  • Driving on the wrong side of the road
  • Not following the correct procedure in the event of an accident as this will prevent a successful insurance claim


Should the vehicle be returned at the correct place and time on the agreed date in a unharmed condition we undertake to refund the balance of the deposit due to you within 21 – 30 days. In line with our contract please note that the following charges will be deducted:

Cleaning Fee (Valet)R1200 
Laundry (Per person)R80If applicable
Refilling the Gas BottleR110If applicable


In line with our contract, certain regulations are to be met and could result in additional deductions from your deposit if the conditions are not met. These costs will only be charged in the event of not complying with the contract and resulting in the following:

Damages to accessoriesCost of repairs, parts & labor(Including upholstery or equipment)
Fuel (if you did not fill up)Cost of the fuel receipt 
Refueling feeR500Penalty
Damages to accessoriesCost of repairs, parts & labor(Including upholstery or equipment)
Damage to Tyres or RimsCost of repairs, parts & labor Extreme Cover excluded
Damage / Cracked WindscreenMinimum R 350 to Maximum R 2500 Extreme Cover excluded
Accident ExcessCalculated by the insurer 
Lost KeysR 1500 
Damage to small for insuranceCost of Repairs, parts & laborLess than R 7500 (Min claim amount)
Traffic FinesActual fine valueSpeeding ect.
Fine handling feeR250(Penalty)
Vehicle returned or collected outside office hours or on public holidays or SundaysR500

Office Hours: MONDAY TO FRIDAY: 08:00AM to 17:00PM

SATURDAYS: 09:00AM to 13:00PM




Mechanical or electrical failure as a result of incompetence, misuse, or acts of negligence including but not limited to the following:

  • Incorrect use of difflocks or using diff locks on hard surfaces
  • Seizing the engine or any component due to incorrect fuel or lubricant usage
  • Failure due to incorrect fluid levels not checked
  • Excessive damage due to driving on restricted road surfaces or incorrect tyre pressure
  • Damage to the gearbox due to the incorrect operation of the clutch, handbrake or transfer box
  • Driving in low range at long intervals on high speeds or normal circumstance
  • Damaging of the clutch due to misuse

If you look after our vehicle as if it is your own, you will not be guilty of any of the above

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